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If, after crossing the channel, and either the tide is wrong for ‘Chenal du four’ or there is fog, Bai du stiff is a useful waiting point.

Bai du stiff is on the east coast of ushant, and sheltered from N to SW.

It has a safe entry, even in fog. There are 2 white visitors buoys south of the quay, which are often being used, but I’ve never had to pay for.

 The anchorage is small and deep, but possible, especially if you’re simply waiting for the tide. The anchorage is affected by swell from the regular ferry service, but this is no real hindrance unless you plan to lay the table properly for dinner!

I’ve never been ashore, but imagine it’s a great island to explore, but I’d rather use the anchorage at Lampoul, which is sadly open to the SW.

L’aberildut (half way down chenal du four)

Have only stopped here once, and didn’t go ashore. Sue left ‘Tiree’ here for a couple of weeks due to bad weather, and it appears a safe haven.

Entrance requires a little concentration on pilotage. Picked up fore and aft visitors moorings close to the entrance. Harbourmaster will pick up fees in launch. Only exposed in Easterlies. 


We all now this lovely harbour! – Same as ever.

Anchoring gets harder each year, forcing one further over towards the fish farm. Nice anchorage off beach and camp site to the east of cameret if winds are light or have an easterly component. Too far away from Cameret to go ashore.

Rade du Brest

Despite Chris’s dislike, we like this area. Obviously quite busy, especially the naval element, and Brest just a large city. However, a lovely sheltered sailing area if the weather outside is bad.

Brest, usual marina stuff, but despite the reports, an excellent supermarket ½ hour walk north of the marina (go under the blue bridge). This also takes you to the botanical gardens, which are very lovely. 

  • Anchorage at Anse Auberlach – Good anchorage with pretty good shelter. Not much in the village (bar and postbox I remember), but very nice walking in the surrounding countryside
  • Anchoage at Anise du Fret – Good anchorage in fine sand, which I remember well as it was late and I couldn’t get my CQR to set. Eventually tried my Bruce which bit first time (so now my prime anchor). Have not been ashore here, but gather quite a nice village
  • River L’Aulne (Isle de Terenez) – Have anchored here on a couple of occasions. Once to ride a severe gale, so excellent shelter. Not been ashore and doesn’t looks like there’s much around, but pretty spot to overnight.
  • General: Lovely trip up river (about 14 miles), in slowly narrowing river with least depth of 2metres. All power cables well above mast height. Lock in at Guilly Gaz (no charge, but lock keeper appreciates a tipple!).

Once locked into canal (min depth 2m), go alongside on port side at Port Launay. Lovely long stretch of grass covered quay. Basic toilets. Water and possibly power. (I always keep a low profile and have never paid, but if you want more, try the town hall in the village centre). Only a couple of bars, a restaurant and bread shop.

For more facilities, go to Chateaulain. (about 2 miles up the road). Either walk, cycle, tubby, dinghy or take your boat up there!

Excellent facilities including free Internet at the library, shops, superb supermarket, banks and restaurants. You can park you yacht here, but a little busier than Port Launay as your close to the road. You can’t take your yacht any further, but can cycle another 300kms along the canal! 

Isle du Sein

Well worth a visit, as most Brit yachts rush through the Raz. Tiny anchorage, and careful pilotage required, but a lovely spot with water like the Scillies. Basic facilities ashore but nice bars, restaurants and somewhere to get fresh bread.

Audierne (St Evette)

Audierne is the town, and has a small marina. Nice place with good facilities.

I tend to stop outside at St Evette, plenty of visitors mooring where the harbour staff will pick up your fees. Plenty of room to Anchor inshore of moorings just off beach. Good shelter unless wind from the south. 20 min walk into town, but not much at St Evette itself.

Long(ish) haul around Point de Penmarche to… 

 Loctudy – Don’t know why I like it, but I do! Busy fishing village with superb seafood sold at the fish-dock. Small marina (a little tight for manoeuvring), but excellent none-the-less. Moorings also available. Basic facilities and a few nice restaurants. A trip up the river in your dinghy is fun. Visit a monolith on the west shore about 2 miles up (work the tide though).

Benodet – All singing and dancing maritime town with all facilities and a number of marinas to choose from. Very busy, but not unpleasant. Better still, don’t linger too long and head up the River Odette. Many anchorages, free moorings and gorgeous scenery. You can get 7 or 8 miles up here at all states of the tide. Take the tide to the city of Quimper. I never have, but am told it’s worth it. You could probably spend a week up this lovely river. 

Concarneau – Lovely town, with ancient citadel, right next to the marina.

Excellent facilities with great markets, chandleries and the old town is a must. (especially at night). Anchorage is good, but a long dinghy ride to the town.

Isle de Glenans – Very interesting and attractive collection of rocky islands. Some excellent anchorages, but fairly tricky pilotage. No facilities, but a great anchorage to chill out in.

Aven / Belon Rivers – Attractive little area. 4 or 5 visitor moorings at entrance to Aven R, limited anchorage depending on how busy it is. Basic facilities, including bread from a small shop up the hill. Worth taking the dinghy (or tubbies) up the Aven R. to Port Aven (3/4 miles). Arty town, but quite nice with good facilities.

Belon R. has a pair of fore and aft buoys a couple of miles up the river. Very well sheltered, but you will need to share the fore and aft buoys with 3 or 4 other yachts. Excellent seafood restaurant, but little else.

Doelan – very quaint little harbour, and worth a visit. Fore and aft moorings in the inner harbour, enough for 3 or 4 yachts. Can anchor outside if settled. Row ashore to find excellent seafood shop, basic chandlery and food as well as bars and restaurants. Nice ½ hour cycle ride to local town with supermarkets / banks etc. 

Isle de Groix – Nice but very busy island (popular with yachts from Lorient).

Port Tudy v.busy at weekends. Raft up on visitor mooring (fore and aft).

Nice anchorage at Locmaria, small harbour on SE corner. Limited anchoring at harbour entrance, but very nice in settled conditions.

Belle Isle – Never made it as its Sooooo busy!. Waiting buoys at entrance to main harbour, but harbour master may turn you away as often fully booked out! I imagine if you can get in, it’s a nice island.

Isles Houat and Hoedic – Must go islands, lovely anchorages all around Houat, more limited on hoedic, which is a bit more rugged. Small harbour and village on north side of Houat, but you can walk to the village wherever you anchor. Pretty place with good basic amenities and pink sand!

Port du Cruesty – Not a pretty place, but excellent marina and shopping facilities to prepare entering the Morbihan. Large marina with everything. Staff very helpful and quite happy to let you stay alongside for the day and use all amenities without paying. (only pay if overnighting). Well worth a stop.

Morbihan – Fabulous area to explore, but a moderate draft limits where you can go. However, many excellent anchorages and an excellent marina at Vannes. This marina is quite tight, and another option is to anchor at the Isle D’Arz, where you can pick up a regular ferry from the north end to Vanne which takes about 20 minutes. Also check out the local mudflats for razor clams and samphire.

To the west, head up the Auray River. You can pick up visitors moorings at the pretty towne of Auray, or better still, pick up one of the moorings at Bono, a few miles downstream. Bono is pleasant but small, with nice walks along the estuary. A dinghy trip up to Auray is very pleasant, and the town is pretty with good facilities.


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