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Reeds Superyacht Manual - James Clarke

Reeds Supeyacht Manual 

I recently picked up a copy of this book and have to admit to being very impressed. I was aware that it existed, but was rather put off by the title. However, having spent some time reading through it, I have found it an excellent resource, especially in my teaching of the RYA Yachtmaster and RYA Yachtmaster Ocean syllabus.

Though I was disappointed that it does not include Astro-Navigation, there is useful information on Great Circles, Ocean currents, Tropical Revolving Storms as well as up to date information on Communications and Electronic navigation.

The information is thorough, complete and very well presented. I can see why it is biased to the Supeyacht Industry as it covers information pertaining to the RYA Yachtmaster certificate, STCW95 and much more, all pre-requisites for securing a job on a large professional vessel.

I can definitely recommend this book to anyone considering a professional job in the industry as well as any students wanting to increase their knowledge beyond that of the basic RYA Yachtmaster  course.


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