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The idea of this booklet is to give you the ‘nuts and bolts’ in the process of gaining a position on your chart through celestial navigation without a deep understanding of the underlying theory.

It will be useful for those of you who just want to be able to ‘do it’, and also as an aid memoir to those of you who haven’t done it for a while. 

To keep things simple I have only included the process of the sun, which is the main celestial object used by most Astro-Navigators, however, the principal is similar for all the other bodies.

I am grateful for any input, so please let me know of anything you might like to see in these notes, and of course any errors that you may find!

Best Regards

Alan Denham

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Falmouth 2011

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Category: Navigation

Buoys come in many types. The chart uses standard symbols for these, though in reality,
the actual buoy can vary between a small unlit plastic item to a massive granite tower.
Here is a selection of buoys from around Europe.

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